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Our Clients Protect the World.

It's true. The United States Military and Department of Homeland Security protect not only the U.S., but the entire world. That is their mission. Only the U.S. has the economy, the power, the freedom and the resolve to intervene, forcefully when necessary, to protect the interests of free people or those striving to become free, wherever they are.

We Guarantee It.

For over thirty-five years, Tele-Consultants, Inc., TCI, a has been honored to serve our clients in their support of that mission. We are committed to helping our clients enhance the ability, efficiency and safety of the war-fighter in performing their duties through advanced services and products.


While we don't engage in armed conflict or create the battlefield strategies that ensure victory, we do support our clients in the design, development, deployment, training and logistical support of the cutting-edge technology and tools necessary to complete the mission, and in the management of the programs that develop and deploy those tools.

We are proud of the company we keep and of the support we provide to our clients. Our military's performance around the globe speaks to our client's success, and their success in turn speaks to ours.

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