TCI's purpose is to create environments where empowered teams do incredible things.

Company Profile

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create environments where empowered teams do incredible things.

Our Mission

TCI is a global center of excellence helping clients develop scalable, repeatable and sustainable solutions to challenges in defense systems development and operations, program management, system engineering, software, cyber security, logistics, tech support, fielding, training and foreign sales support.

Our Vision

TCI's vision is to grow a world-class company supporting public and private entities, using creativity, knowledge and technology to offer innovative solutions for our clients. By leveraging experience supporting U.S. Federal and State Governmental Agencies, commercial entities, non-profit organizations and universities, TCI will further expand into public and private sectors and into developing countries.

Martha Renshaw - CEO

Martha Renshaw, from the University of Maryland, joined TCI in 1987 and is now our CEO. Before joining TCI Martha gained experience in government by teaming with Alinda C. Burke, Deputy Federal Highway Administrator, on a number of transportation projects, and later Georgia Representation, Robert "Mickey" Channell, to analyze the socio-economic impact and financial analysis of major projects.

Martha's strengths are in business acumen, financial analysis, budget management, and marketing. Before coming on board at TCI, Martha worked on several government projects including coordinating a mass transportation project for the Department of Transportation. Martha is currently serving as an Advisory Board Member on Newt Gingrich’s Jobs and Prosperity Task Force. In 2010, she received an award for Top 25 Entrepreneurs in Georgia.

TCI CEO Martha Renshaw

Curt Renshaw - President

TCI was founded in 1985 by Curt Renshaw, an electrical engineer and physicist who, after graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology, worked as a civilian for the US Navy in advanced satellite communications. TCI initially teamed with Booz | Allen | Hamilton to provide continued engineering and logistics support to the Navy. Curt started TCI to provide continued and more robust engineering, logistics and program management support to the Navy and other Defense branches.

Curt's enthusiasm for TCI and physics exploration creates an exciting and creative work environment where he encourages TCI employees to experiment, think critically, and find ways to advance TCI and its customers in the areas of technology, knowledge, and creative solutions to emerging problems.

Curt Renshaw, President, Tele-Consultants, Inc.