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  • End-to-End System Level Training 

  • Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Subject Matter Experts

  • End-to-End System Level Training

  • Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Training and Documentation

  • Over 800 training events completed to date

  • Deploying Group Systems Integration Testing

  • Ballistic Missile Defense SME Support

  • Teleport Operations SME Support

  • Common Submarine Radio Room SME Support

  • Field and Technical Service Support

  • Testing Documentation Development, Review and Conduct

  • Operations Concept Development and Validation

  • Systems Operation Verification

  • Engineering Change Installation Development,
    Review and Conduct

  • Onboard Equipment/System Troubleshooting

  • Submarine High Data Rate Antenna                                                                           National Maintenance Center Support

  • Supply Chain Optimization / Management

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